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I got this for my grandkids and they LOVE this Game

I got this for my grandkids and they LOVE this game. It is almost impossible to get the 7 year old to get his head out of the I-pad, phone, etc. etc., but he will literally play this for an hour non-stop. It's such a fun activity for him and his younger brother, and the best part is I honestly have a lot of fun playing it with them too (I think I'm the best flipper of the bunch!). Our favorite is the Spin the Bottle game. My son also borrowed the game from me and played it with his college buddies -- they like the flip bottle poker game the best. The bottles look nice and they seem to be pretty good quality. I also like the landing pads and activity cards it comes with -- the cards give you lots of suggestions for games you can play with the bottles. I didn't know you could ever have this much fun with a plastic bottle!!! Great product...

Great Game 

This is my 6 year olds favorite game. We love playing as a family and making up new ways to play.  The bottles are great and I don't have to worry about juice getting everywhere!

The Boys FLIPZED Over This!

I bought FLIPZ home for a weekend visit as a gift while visiting my sisters house. It was intended for my 7 year old nephew but my husband, her husband and my nephew played with it endlessly and it was a super hit. They absolutely loved it and had so much fun with it. They were fascinated by how it worked and what it did. They truly had hours of fun with this. It was a great gift! We all liked every thing about it.

I am very pleased with the FLIPZ

I am very pleased with the FLIPZ! flip bottle toy. The packaging if very nice and the bottles are sturdy and will withstand lots of tossing. This game will make great gifts for the children in my family!

Perfect gift!

My kids have LOVED this! My 6 and 3 year old boys are flipping bottles all over the house!

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